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Harper Hofer Paper Trail

In our continuing story, we offer you our expertise and perspectives. Our professionals, who focus on litigation, business valuation and marital dissolutions, have written these articles for accounting, legal and business publications. They offer insight and credible approaches for litigation, valuation and marital dissolution matters.

Business Valuations Meet COVID-19 - Win, Lose or Draw?
Author: Mitchell S. Hoffman
First Printed: April 9, 2020

Court Rules and Pilot Programs Intended to Reduce Litigation Costs and Delays
Author: Melinda M. Harper
First Printed: April 2013

Another Voice: Financial Experts on Reducing Client Costs in Civil Litigation
Authors: Ron Durkin, Melinda Harper, Glenn Newman, Thomas Burrage, Sandra Johnigan, and Ron Seigneur
First Printed: September 21, 2012

Business Factors and Alter Ego
Author: Melinda M. Harper
First Printed: September 2011

Emerging Issues in Electronic Discovery - An Alert for Appraisers
Author: Melinda M. Harper
First Printed: July 2007