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I take on the complex story of lost profits, damages, valuation, standard of care, bankruptcy and investigatory accounting. This involves real estate, manufacturing, professional services, telecommunications, patents, trademarks and much more. You'll find my narratives are on point. I'm a CPA/ABV/CFF and CFE.
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Melinda Harper
My tax expertise is essential when I talk to you about maximizing and preserving the family's wealth while resolving marital dissolution issues. I'm comfortable with issues affecting very large estates and far flung assets. This can involve real estate, professional services, hospitality, manufacturing, telecommunications, high-tech. Your clients can trust my advice. I also assist with those taxing situations. I'm a CPA/CFF with a Masters in Tax.
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Preston Hofer
Jerome Gienger - Over the past 33 years I have provided services to companies of all sizes, from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies, assisting with unique tax planning, compliance and structuring needs. I also assist individuals and families with tax planning, structuring and compliance, regardless of the net worth levels. This variety came from work at international, national and local CPA firms, and inside the tax group of a Fortune 500 company. Now it's my pleasure to help you! I'm a CPA.
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Jerome Gienger
Mitchell Hoffman - I thrive on tackling sophisticated valuation matters for transactions or complex litigation. When a client needs to report values of business interests or intangible assets in financial statements or to regulatory authorities, how I resolve and communicate the valuation issues and solutions will help meet company or family goals. When intellectual property infringement or lost profits damages are being claimed, the result can be life changing. Understanding the importance of each situation, I diligently apply the creative thinking and advanced modeling techniques learned over my 25+ years of experience. I'm a CPA/ABV.
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Mitchell Hoffman
Peggy Stricklin - In Memory of 1947-2023 Peggy Stricklin
Along with us, our fine staff of professionals have years and depth of experience and outstanding credentials that assure every client attention to detail and professionalism.
Our experts provide testimony before courts of law or in arbitrations and assist with mediations and settlement negotiations. We've done so in federal, state and bankruptcy courts nationwide, including California, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.